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SP0006 – World Crisis “People”

March 28, 2009



Subject: Homeless, urban poverty

Tents on wheels give homeless people roof and pride, Homeless Tents, a Living Series by CNN



Story Highlights

A Los Angeles-based charity has begun distributing makeshift tents;

Charity was brainchild of “Revenge of the Nerds” movie producer Peter Samuelson;

“This is $500 to get a man or a woman or a child off the damp concrete,” he says;

Homeless man: “Everybody calls it the hobo condo”.


Comments: homeless as a concept has 35+Million references in Google, more than immigrants that hast 31.5 and of course both embedded in poverty with 68. At large both are “out of the system” expressions. Both also are the first eruptions of the Multitude phenomenon.

Homeless Tent City

Homeless Tent City

Source: NYT, from Sacramento and Its Riverside Tent City, By Katharine Q. Seelye



Source: Los Angeles Time, URBAN CAMPING: Under the proposal drafted by the ACLU and Los Angeles police, homeless people would not be allowed to camp, sleep or lie on the sidewalks between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m


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SP0005 – World Crisis “People”

March 28, 2009



Subject: people, Homeless: its segregation and prosecution

Attacks on the Homeless Rise, With Youths Mostly to Blame, By AMY GREEN, Published: February 15, 2008, NYT


……..Nationwide, violence against the homeless is soaring, and overwhelmingly the attackers are teenagers and young adults. In Florida the problem is so severe that the National Coalition for the Homeless is setting up speakers bureaus to address a culture that sees attacking the homeless as a sport. It is the first time the organization has singled out a particular state.


Comments: It’s not only a problem of national and “natives” versus immigrants and in general people “inside the system” against people “outside the system” but a problem of the arousal of our lowest and perverse instincts. As in socioeconomic scenarios the dialectic is not the clash of rich versus poor but the frustration discharges of a social group against its circumstantially diminished neighbor at large the perverse escapism need of others being humiliated.

Warren Messner

Warren Messner


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NYT Archives; Warren Messner, 18, has an armful of tattoos early in his 22-year prison term for the beating death of a homeless man.