SPSP0018 – World Crisis “e-Health”



e-Health Global Projects

By Juan Chamero, from Caece University at Buenos Aires, Argentine, May 4th 2009

Subject: e-health, IT&C, Social Networks, World Networks

 info source 1: Multi Knowledge Project, from e-HealthNews of European Union



The MULTI-KNOWLEDGE Project aims to integrate different biomedical information from heterogeneous sources (clinical, laboratory and metabolic) with data on gene and protein expression provided by new high throughput technologies in a system committed to cardiovascular risk profiling.The classical approach in global cardiovascular (CV) risk assessment can be faulty: classical risk factors (such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, etc) are able to explain only 50% cases of CV events; it is furthermore not possible to assess the differential impact of risk factors in different subjects and it is still unclear whether the correction of risk factors can fetch CV risk to zero. There arises the need to to get a better prediction of the clinical events and a more efficient prevention strategy.The MULTI-KNOWLEDGE Project’s general goal is therefore the construction and implementation of a predictive algorithm combining clinical, laboratory, metabolic, gene and protein expression data to identify the presence of early signs of vessel wall atherosclerotic disease in subjects at different degree of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk on the basis of traditional risk factors and insulin resistance level.

Scientific-medical objectives: To investigate the impact of CV risk factors on systemic inflammation using gene expression profiling and To integrate clinical and molecular data to predict the presence of early signs of atherosclerosis.

Technical aim: To implement multiuser collaborative instruments to manage and analyze data from high-throughput technologies and clinical data

For further information, please visit Multi Knowledge EU

 Info source 2: ACTION-Grid, from e-HealthNews of European Union


ACTION-Grid is a Specific International Cooperation Project on healthcare information systems based on Grid capabilities and Biomedical Informatics (BMI) between Latin America, the Western Balkans and the European Union (EU). Members of the consortium have published pioneering scientific papers in Grid and BMI. They participated in the BIOINFOMED and SYMBIOMATICS studies that contributed decisively to the last two FPs of the EC. See also ACTION Grid Website

Info source 3: The Users’ Guide to the Health Reform Galaxy, a series of authoritative articles about the American Healt Reform, most of them posted by Minna Jung, from Johnson & Johnson Foundation.


Robert Wood Johnson was one of the twentieth century’s most innovative and colorful business leaders. He built Johnson and Johnson into a world-renowned company and gave new meaning to the need for corporations to serve the public interest. His generosity created one of the nation’s most significant philanthropies dedicated to improve the health and health care of all Americans.


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 Comment: we select this subject because in despite of dealing with a Health System apparently restricted to United States was always a model of philanthropy an their works pioneers of “for everybody’s ” Health Systems from the point of view of the actual “establishment”.


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